Google will rebrand its Cast app to Google Home, in tie-in with smart speaker system

The Google Chromecast Ultra will now use the Home app

Back at its I/O event, Google introduced an entire ecosystem of products, designed to work together and give users a complete Google experience. As part of that commitment, the company is now getting ready to rebrand its Cast app which controls Chromecast devices, which will now be called Google Home, a tie-in with the Home device and ecosystem.

The Chromecast app has gone through a number of re-brandings since it was first released back in 2013. Over time the ecosystem of apps, services and devices that support Google’s streaming device have grown considerably. The company acknowledged this when it renamed its app to Cast, and even built its functionality directly into the Chrome browser.

The Google Home smart speaker

But now the company is going one step further in an effort to boost awareness and offer users a cohesive ecosystem built around its Assistant and Google Home device. The smart speaker, designed to take on Amazon’s Alexa, won’t just share a name with the Home app, as the two services are intimately tied. Home, the device, is built on top of Chromecast technology, with users being able to cast media to the speaker, or even control other Chromecast-connected devices.

You’ll need the new Home app to control any Cast devices, including the newly launched Chromecast Ultra, or any of the Home smart speakers. If you already have the Cast app installed, you don’t need to do anything, as the app will update and rebrand itself in the following weeks.

Source: Variety

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