Health features of the Apple Watch dropped due to inconsistent performance

The original vision behind the Apple Watch might have been curbed due to less than satisfactory performance and fear of opposition from regulatory bodies.

Apple announced the Apple Watch last September and Tim Cook recently revealed that the device would go on sale in April. However, even after taking plenty of time, it seems Apple won't be able to deliver the product that it had initially envisioned.

According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, the Apple Watch will not have all the features that were planned by Apple when it first started work on the product. The report states that Apple had planned to include numerous sensors for making its wearable device the best for personal health tracking.

However, the performance of the sensors failed to meet Apple's standards and the results varied according to the tightness of the band and physical aspects of the wearer's wrist such as hair density. It has also been revealed that the use of sensors like the stress and blood pressure sensors, could have met with opposition from regulatory authorities, which Apple did not want, resulting in removal altogether.

It is still possible that some of the features that have been allegedly dropped might be released in the next iteration of the device but we may never know what these missing features were.

Source: Wall Street Journal via BGR | Image via Apple

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