Hercules Radeon 8500DV Review

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Hercules sure managed to pull some big surprises last year. First they released their awesome Geforce3 card but then rumors flew that their relationship with nVidia was on the rocks and soon after that, they released graphics cards based on Kyro chipset. Unfortunately, Kyro recently announced its exit from the graphics chips market leaving only one sizeable competitor for nVidia- ATI. With the release of their Radeon 8500, ATI proved itself as a very worthy competitor, however, one area that has traditionally been ATI's biggest weakness is support. Now Hercules has nothing but outstanding comments from everyone on their support and thus when Hercules announced their new graphics cards based on the ATI chipset- it felt like a match made in heaven. Today T-Break have one such card- the Hercules 3D Prophet All-in-Wonder 8500DV.

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