Hotmail puts back POP retrieval for unpaying subscribers

Retrieve mail from your company, an Internet Service Provider or any other Post Office Protocol (POP) account. is how one is greeted once again from the options page after selecting POP Mail Retrieval Settings on MSN Hotmail.

Thanks Micheal who sent in via email that it appears hotmail has re-added the POP mail checking support for non-paying members.

Microsoft faced a hailstorm (pardon the pun) after it stripped features, cut "inactive days" time on mailboxes and offered a paid service with added features and email storage space in order to turn revenue for the popular once exclusively free MSN Hotmail service.

Now non paying users may retrieve messages from up to four other POP e-mail accounts making it a breeze to track your email if you are away from your PC on vacation or business.

Good call Microsoft. This gets the Neowin stamp of approval, so lets forget about what I said earlier about the viruses slipping through it's filter ;-)

View: MSN Hotmail

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