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Hotmail's war on "graymail" continues

Microsoft announced a number of new Hotmail features a couple of months ago. Several of these new features are designed to fight what Microsoft calls "graymail" such as newsletters, daily deals and notifications from social networking services. Today, Microsoft posted up a new entry on its Windows Live blog site that gives an update on how Hotmail users have been using these features to fight off graymail.

According to Microsoft, 100 Million graymail actions have been performed by Hotmail users since November 1. That includes actions such as Sweep (deleting such emails quickly) Schedule Cleanup (which deletes email after a certain period of time) and categorizing (putting emails in different categories to be viewed later).

In addition, Microsoft says that 90 percent of all Sweep actions are simply to delete all email from a sender. Hotmail users are also using Sweep to automatically clean out an email folder 60 percent of the time,

Microsoft has launched a new video that gives more information on how Hotmail users can combat graymail from filling up their inbox. The company has also launched a new web site that offers even more information on how to delete and manage such emails with the Hotmail service.

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