HP Discover: HP partners with Conservation International to save the world

HP Discover in Barcelona starts today, and we'll be on-site to cover all of the news live. There was a pre-kickoff to the conference this morning: HP held a press conference with Conservation International announcing a joint collaboration project between the two companies.

Conservation International's mission is dedicated to protecting nature for people, and monitoring the rain forests to help preserve the ecosystem of the entire planet is extremely important for the group. Sensors collect millions of data points, including temperature, solar radiation, carbon levels, and even pictures from so-called "camera traps." Historically this sea of data has been hard to manage and making decisions has been difficult due to the fact that nobody had the complete picture.

By collaborating with HP, Conservation International has been able to leverage Vertica technology to get better insights into the data much faster than in the past. What once took a team of scientists months to analyze is now done by one person in mere hours. It also gives scientists the ability to use more data in their research compared to the past.

While the ideal is to have real-time data, this solution is only near real-time. In many cases, Conservation International teams up with local tribes, outfits them with HP laptops and tablets, and waits for them to collect the data from the sensors. Once that's complete, the data is uploaded to the centralized servers and is viewable by the world.

Per company policy, HP did not disclose financial details of the partnership.

Source: Press release; Wildlife Picture Index Dashboard

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