HTC Desire hits Canadian shores and stores

Long awaited and seriously desired (pun intended), HTC's flagship smartphone is finally available in Canada.

Mobile provider, Telus Mobility, has recently launched Desire on its shared Bell/Telus HSPA+ network. The device, extensively reviewed by Neowin, has appeared in the country with very little fanfare, although power users have been waiting for a device like this to hit the Canadian market.

With a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, a fresh Android 2.2 update, and HTC's brilliant Sense UI, Canadians are finally catching up to the rest of the world with regards to Android devices.

The device will be sold in typical Canadian style; that is to say it will be available on a 3 year contract for $79.99CAD; this in current US exchange is close to $400USD. (Actually, it's closer $77USD for those without a sarcasm meter.) Consumers will be able to also purchase the device without a contract for $449.99CAD.

Desire also includes all the usual goodies including a headset, charger, USB cable and an 8GB memory card all packaged in HTC's very slick boxes. With the current 6GB for $30 data promotions on now, there hasn't been a better excuse to switch to a smartphone yet.

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