HTC Mozart getting Windows Phone Tango already?

Well well, what do we have here? News has hit this weekend that at least one HTC Mozart has received an update to Windows Phone "Tango", the latest release from Microsoft that (for the most part) has only minor upgrades. The news comes courtesy of Aviraj Ajgekar, a Microsoft evangelist, who reported on his blog (via WPCentral) that he received a series of updates.

Ajgekar, whose Mozart was originally updated to 7.10.8107, received updates that installed version 7.10.8112.7, followed by 7.10.8773.98 then finally to 7.10.8779.8, which as WPCentral points out is just ahead of the "standard" Tango upgrade. Ajgekar handily provided some screenshots such as the one above that show the progress of his updates, and he says that the updates only took a few minutes to download, of course due to Tango being a relatively minor update.

HTC and Microsoft have yet to confirm that they are pushing out Tango to all devices, but judging by this it's either starting right now or it's not too far away. Previous reports claimed carriers would be sending out the upgrade in June, but it is possible that unbranded phones would see the upgrade first. Also, the Nokia Lumia 610 with Tango on-board has already launched in developing markets, so surely Tango is just about ready to be deployed.

If you have a Windows Phone and you have been prompted to download a Tango update, please let us know in the comments below.

Image courtesy of WPCentral

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