HTC's 8X could be $79 through Best Buy

We like a nice bargain, especially if it means we can get some brand new technology for an agreeable price. If you're considering Windows Phone and you're living in the United States, now might be the time to perk up your ears. At present, eBay is running a deal where you can get a phone with a 20% discount.

The HTC 8X is a bargain if you don't mind signing on for a contract with voice and data; the phone itself should work out at $79.20 through the discount. Make absolutely sure you keep an eye on this because, at present, certain carriers are sold out. Presumably people got wise or there weren't many handsets going around.

If you can handle being on T-Mobile then you're still in luck. They still have some 8X devices, if you're not too fussy about the color and can take a contract for their pricing. T-Mobile's contract cancellation seems pretty reasonable, too, at $200 compared to the $350 on the Verizon Wireless model.

We've seen worse offers than a brand new handset like the 8X for that kind of money. "A good phone for bad money", if there ever was one.

Source: eBay
Thanks to Neowin user gohatters for the tip!

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