Huawei mocks Apple and Samsung in their latest teaser

Huawei doesnt seem to care much for subliminal nudges at their competitors. Instead, the Chinese based telecommunications company has overtly mocked their largest rivals Apple and Samsung in their latest product teaser, possibly for the much awaited Ascend W3 that was expected to be revealed at CES 2014.

The video shows Siri on an iPhone 5 being asked for details about this years Mobile World Congress, being told to specifically show "something really amazing." Siri begins to give details about a new tablet "with a beautiful slim design" with emphasis placed on the long battery life, as well as a smartphone with a high quality front camera, and a tablet with 4G LTE support.

The user then asks Siri if the manufacturer of these products is a fruit or Some Song, and Siri reveals that the manufacturer is actually Huawei. The video ends with the Siri-like assistant saying "it looks like Huawei is ready to amaze the world again," seemingly in reference to Apples slogan for the iPhone 4 "this changes everything. Again."

Outside of the single reference to Some Song, the video was by and large targeted at Apple, which seems to imply that Huawei is more focused on competing with the fruit rather than Samsung.

This isnt the first time a company has used Siri to mock Apple: last year, Microsoft used Siri to show how Windows 8 tablets trump Apples offering. It also wasnt the first time Siri would promote another product either-- back in 2012, asking Siri "whats the best cell phone ever?" would return an answer of "Lumia 900."

Check the video out below:

Source: YouTube via BGR

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