Hulu offering free access to current seasons of any TV show for Android users

There are many options for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies across the Internet. Most of the popular options, such as Netflix, give some kind of way to view content on your tablet or phone, and Hulu has just made their Android offering even better.

In an announcement on Android's Google+ page, they announced that Android users now have completely free access to the current season of any TV show for free through their app. This is good news for those looking to save a few bucks, as a Hulu Plus subscription normally runs for $7.99. Unfortunately, unlike the Hulu Plus subscription, you're limited to the current season with this offering - if you want to go back to an older season you're out of luck. That is, unless you buy the Hulu Plus subscription.

This offer is not the first time that Hulu has extended some gratitude towards their mobile users. Back in April, they announced that certain shows would be free on mobile with ads. Of course, this Android offering is slightly more generous since it applies to all TV shows.

Since Hulu is limited to the United States, this offer is limited to the US only; there is no indication of how long this offer will be valid for, so take advantage of this offer as soon as you can.

Source: Android via Android Police | Image: Hulu

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