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Ford dumps Microsoft's tech for infotainment system

For many years, Microsoft and Ford have had a close relationship. If you didn't know, Ballmer's father was a manager at Ford for many years and thus the close relationship between Ford and Microsoft.

Several years ago, when Ford launched its infotainment platform, it chose Microsoft as the vendor to support the backend bits of software. The partnership was likely an easy one because of the close ties between the two companies and the rest is history.

But, that all changes today as Ford has announced that it will be doing away with the Microsoft tech in favor of Blackberry's QNX platform. While Microsoft is likely not fearing for its bottom line because of this change, it does mark the end of an era as Ford and Microsoft head different directions.

Was this change related to Ballmer's Microsoft departure? While it may have something to do with it, if you had ever used Ford's MyTouch platform, you will know that it was not a great experience. The truth is likely that after several years of trying to work with the system, they are starting over and moving in a new direction and QNX has already proven to be a good platform for this type service.

Ford is calling their new system Sync 3 and it will start showing up in new vehicles in 2015.

Via GigaOm

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