Hurt Locker pirating lawsuit completely dismissed

Last May the movie production company Voltage Pictures filed lawsuits against 24,583 people, claiming they had illegally downloaded a pirated copy of The Hurt Locker, which won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2010. In October, most of those lawsuits were dismissed by Voltage Pictures. However, the movie studio still had active lawsuits against 2,300 defendants.

This week, reports that the remaining lawsuits in the case has now been dismissed. According to the story, the lawyers representing Voltage Pictures had to keep asking for extensions for the case due to the fact that Internet service providers were so slow in providing details about the people behind the IP addresses. In the end, the judge in the case decided not to offer the lawyers any more extensions.

While the lawsuits made have now been officially dismissed, this may not be the end of the story. reports that Voltage’s lawyers are trying to go after some people for the pirating of the movie. The story even claims that the lawyers are going after people who were not even named in the original lawsuits. It's more than possible that the movie studio may continue to launch individual lawsuits rather than one massive one as they did earlier this year.

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