IE8, and why fixing that pesky 'tab issue' sealed the deal

In my most recent piece, "IE8, and why it's almost my default browser", I outline a couple of factors that inhibited IE8 from holding the default browser position on my PC. Since writing that article, due in part to some helpful Neowin members and some quality time with IE8, I have since awarded IE8 that coveted position on my PC and have promptly thrown Google Chrome to the curb.

Perhaps the most taxing of my issues was what has been colloquially referred to as the 'tab issue'. Many users have complained of severe delays when opening new tabs in Internet Explorer. The solution I have discovered (thanks to helpful Neowin members) is that the 'tab delay' is actually caused by Spybot S&D's Immunization settings. Upon hearing this, I promptly entered into Spybot S&D and de-immunized Internet Explorer. To my amazement, IE8 opened instantaneously! I went completely tab-happy and started opening an insane amount of tabs, and they all opened just as fast as they did in Chrome!

In taking a moment to wipe the tears of joy from my face, I was reminded of my other issues with IE8, as mentioned in my previous article. Stumbling upon the Chrome Experiments website alerted me to the shortcomings of my beloved browser, as it was clear that javascript in the form presented, was not an ability of IE8.

The experiments certainly are cool, but I quickly began to question their relevance. I visited all of my frequent sites, the ones which utilizes javascript and found that while IE8 may indeed be unable to render an onslaught of virtual bouncy-balls, it could handle what was actually important quite proficiently.

With my two biggest issues solved, one with a quick-fix and the other with an enlightenment of sorts, I proudly designated IE8 as my default browser.

At the conclusion of my previous piece, I mentioned that the importance lay in the fact that IE8 fell short for very few reasons. With the reasons having been properly dealt with, it no longer falls short! I've disposed of my flavour-of-the-week, Google Chrome and am happily surfing the Internet with IE8.

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