If you want a Kinect for your Xbox One, you can pick one up for $149 in October

Earlier this year, Microsoft started shipping an Xbox One SKU that did not come with the Kinect. The new SKU was a big change to the tone of the Xbox One which at one time was a key focal point of the console - but when consumers started leaning heavily towards the PS4, Microsoft took action. 

So, if you are an owner of an Xbox One without a Kinect but would still like to purchase one, you will be able to do so starting October 7th for $149.99. The standalone device comes with Dance Central Spotlight, the latest in the dance series from developer Harmonix, which will be available as a digital download.

The future of Kinect as a gaming peripheral seems in question after Microsoft removed it as a required item for the console. At the time of release, developers knew that all users would have a Kinect, so they could build in the functionality into their games. Seeing that not all users now have the device, there is less incentive to use the peripheral as part of the standard gameplay.

We will be curious to see if the device sells well at retailers but at $149, it is far from an impulse purchase for most consumers. 

Source: Microsoft

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