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iFixit tears apart Google's new Nexus 7, lets us look inside

With the recent launch of the new Nexus 7, a few days ago, lots of people are excitedly waiting to buy one. And while we already know what it looks like and what specs it’s got, we now get to see a whole new side of the Nexus 7.

While many folks are reviewing the outside of the device and its performance, iFixit has done what they do best: carefully taken it apart for some gorgeous photography and a bit of tinkering.

They’ve rated Google’s new tablet a 7 on the repairability scale, which is quite high considering the manufacturing process of such of device, and that should be good news to all enthusiasts out there.

For more info on the tablet you can check out our launch coverage, our Android 4.3 news and of course a recent member review of the new N7.

Source and Images: iFixit

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