Infinity Ward: 720p Xbox One port of Call of Duty Ghosts is due to resource allocation

Last week, Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin confirmed that the Xbox One port of its upcoming first person shooter Call of Duty Ghost Ghosts would be displayed with a native 720p resolution that will be upscaled to 1080p, unlike the PlayStation 4 port which will have a native 1080p resolution. Many Internet pundits have said this proves that the Xbox One won't be able to compete in terms of its hardware and graphics to the PS4.

In a new interview on Eurogamer, Rubin offers up some more information on the Xbox One 720p display debate. He says there was not one specific thing on the console that kept Infinity Ward from going up to 1080p for CoD: Ghosts, but that ultimately the team could not get the game to run at that high resolution and also run at 60fps. He says:

It was more about resource allocation. The resource allocation is different on the consoles. That huge web of tangled resources, whether it's threads-based or if it's GPU threads or if it's memory - whatever it is - optimisation is something that could go theoretically on forever.

In October, Microsoft stated that 10 percent of the GPU's resources in the Xbox One was currently being reserved to handle tasks related to items like the Kinect sensor and rendering of the Xbox One apps. However, company reps indicated they plan to free up some of those GPU resources in the future and allow game developers to access them.

Indeed, Rubin says that future Call of Duty games made for the Xbox One could run natively at 1080p at 60fps. He states, "... look at Call of Duty 2 versus COD 4. It was a massive leap forward in graphics, and that's just because it takes time to get through this."

Source: Eurogamer | Image via Activision

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