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Intel announces 9th-gen H-series CPUs, including an 8-core, 5GHz Core i9 for laptops

Today, Intel announced a whole bunch of new ninth-generation Core CPUs. They include the latest iteration of the firm's 45W H-series mobile chips, along with more desktop processors.

Intel's H-series is what you'll find in gaming laptops and mobile workstations. It's for those that want power, and the company delivers that with its first octa-core mobile CPUs, the Core i9-9980HK and Core i9-9880H. As usual, the 'K' means that it's unlocked for overclocking, and the i9-9980HK has a base clock speed of 2.4GHz, and a maximum single-core frequency of 5GHz. The i9-9880H has a base clock speed of 2.3GHz, and a max speed of 4.8GHz.

As was the case last year, with the eighth-generation chips, the i7 models are hexa-core and the i5 models are quad-core. Both the Core i7-9850H and i7-9750H have base clock speeds of 2.6GHz, although the former has a max speed of 4.6GHz while the latter is capped at 4.5GHz. The Core i7 models also have a 12MB cache, instead of the 16MB cache found in the Core i9.

The Core i5 models have an 8MB cache though. The i5-9400H and i5-9300H have 2.5GHz and 2.4GHz base clock speeds, respectively, and they have 4.3GHz and 4.1GHz max clock speeds.

All of the new CPUs include support for Wi-Fi 6, promising 3x faster max speeds. That also means less latency in gaming. Intel says that the new chips deliver 54% faster 4K video editing, 56% higher fps in games, 75% lower latency, and 33% better system performance than a machine that was made three years ago.

Next, we have all-new desktop CPUs, and frankly, there are a lot of them. Previously, we mainly had K-series desktop processors, at least from the high-end ninth-generation. Today, Intel announced the locked versions of those chips, including the Core i9-9900, Core i7-9700, Core i7-9700F, Core i5-9600, Core i5-9500, and Core i5-9500F. They're all 65W chips, and the F-series does not include integrated graphics.

There are also some new Core i3 models, including the 91W Core i3-9350K, the 62W Core i3-9320, the 62W Core i3-9300, the 65W Core i3-9100, and the 65W Core i3-9100F.

Next up, Intel announced the new 35W T-series desktop chips, including the Core i9-9900T, Core i7-9700T, Core i5-9600T, Core i5-9500T, Core i5-9400T, Core i3-9300T, and Core i3-9100T. As usual, the Core i9 is octa-core and is the only one that's hyperthreaded, the Core i7 is octa-core, the Core i5 chips are hexa-core, and the Core i3 variants are quad-core.

Finally, there are a number of budget desktop CPUs, including the Pentium Gold G5620, G5600T, G5420, G5420T, Celeron G4950, G4930, and G4930T. All of these are dual-core, and only the Pentium Gold models are hyperthreaded.

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