Intel Discloses Next-Generation Handheld CPUs Data

Just as expected, Intel Corporation today disclosed key technical details of its next-generation of Intel XScale technology based processors to be used in cell phones, PDAs and other wireless devices. The Bulverde will allow easy and cost-effective incorporation of camera into PDAs and smart-phones, lower power consumption through Wireless Intel SpeedStep technology and enhanced multimedia capabilities thanks to Wireless MMX technology. The upcoming processors, code named "Bulverde", will add several new features that will help enable wireless devices to capture quality pictures, extend battery life and deliver fast multimedia performance. Bulverde is a key component of the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture, the company's development blueprint for designing wireless devices that combine voice communications and Internet access capabilities.

The ability to send and receive digital pictures or video clips has been one of the hottest developments in the cell phone and PDA segments worldwide. There are loads of camera-enabled cell-phones in Asia, but very few in the USA and Europe. I have a feeling that in 18-24 months time every PDA or GSM-phone will be equipped with a camera since Intel developed a special technique to enable camera on handheld devices that promises to be easy to implement and rather cost-effective. Intel Quick Capture Technology is an interface that allows imaging devices to connect to a cell phone or PDA, to improve image quality and reduce the overall cost of adding digital image capabilities for mobile devices, the company proclaimed today.

News source: X-bit labs

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