Intel isn't happy with ATi

According to Rahul Sood (president and CTO of VoodooPC, Intel are not happy with ATi at all.

On Rahul's blog he mentions

"So, there's an upcoming launch event for Conroe as many of you know. We're very excited to launch our Conroe systems at the event – and we were supposed to have a system on stage with ATi. Apparently this isn't happening anymore – ATi has been removed from the event and I suspect that Intel is changing the configurations of all the machines based on the feedback I've been hearing. I don't understand the reasoning behind this - because we all know that ATi Crossfire works on the 975 chipset and there's no doubt in my mind that we will sell a ton of Crossfire configurations with Intel Core 2 Duo. ATi will continue to make chipsets for Conroe configurations (at least for the current generation) so it's too bad it had to end like this."

This is an early indicator that already Intel is, understandably, not happy that ATi chose to merge with AMD. This also backs up conflicting reports about Intel severing contracts with ATi. Let the fight begin.

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