Intel launches quad-core products for multi-processor server

Intel has finally completed its transition to replace Netburst with its Core microarchitecture by launching its Caneland platform for multi-socket (4-way) servers and six Quad-Core Xeon 7300 series (Tigerton) CPUs. At the heart of Caneland is the Intel 7300 chipset which allows each of the four sockets to be connected to its own 1066MHz FSB. This design offers at lot of bandwidth, but it also shows how close to the limit Intel is pushing is FSB architecture, and how much the company needs to switch to its Common System Interface (CSI) to pass the bottleneck.

The 7300 chipset also allows memory capacity to be quadrupled to 256GB across 32 DIMMs. Those are FB-DIMMs however, so if you really want that much RAM you will have to pay for it in system heat and power consumption, not to mention the hefty cost of the memory itself.

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