Intel positions 800MHz Pentium 4s to take lion share of market

The end of 533 MHZs? Boooo hooo.

"ESTIMATED PRODUCTION FIGURES for Intel's forthcoming 800MHz system bus, which it will introduce in the second quarter of next year, reveal that Pentium 4s using it will represent the bulk of the market by this time next year. When Intel introduces the 800MHz system bus, which will support the 400MHz double data rate (DDR) memory type in the second quarter, internal estimates show it will represent only 20% of the microprocessors shipped.

But the estimates, seen by the INQUIRER, reveal that that figure will rapidly rise to represent 35% in the third quarter of next year, and over 60% of shipments by the fourth quarter of 2003. By contrast, shipments of Socket 370 systems, which now only live on for the Celerons and a few Pentium IIIs still shipping, will fall to only six per cent by the time Intel introduces the 800MHz system bus.

Intel will support the 800MHz system bus and DDR 400 with variants of its "Springdale" chipset, along with a new dual channel chipset it currently calls Canterwood. The firm is presenting the move to the 800MHz system bus as a good way to "sell up" away from the 533MHz and the 400MHz system bus. Although in this quarter, the 400MHz system bus represents over 65% of Pentium 4 shipments, and the 533MHz system bus the remainder, that will rapidly fall so that by the fourth quarter next year, Pentium 4s with the 400MHz system bus will represent only five per cent of shipments."

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