Intel to Ship Conroe on July 23

The moment of truth is almost upon us. With the NDA set to expire on July 4th, will we finally see an unbiased review? Will there soon be a fair third party AMD vs. Intel benchmark? Intel is set to release its Conroe core on July 23. As previously announced, the new processors will be named Intel Core 2 Duo. At launch there will be five different Core 2 Duo processor versions available.

The mainstream market Core 2 Duo processors will be numbered at 6300 and 6400 and will run at 1.86GHz and 2.13GHz, respectively. These two chips will both have 2MB cache and are priced at $183 and $224, much lower than AMD's dual core offerings.

The higher-end Core 2 Duo processors will be numbered at 6600 and 6700 and carry 4MB of cache. Clocking in at 2.39GHz and 2.67Ghz, respectively these processors will set you back $316 and $530. The flagship Conroe chip will be the Intel Core 2 Extreme, or 6800.

The Extreme will tout the same cache and the high-end processors (4MB) and weigh in at 2.93GHz. Not everyone will be able to enjoy the Core 2 Extreme, as it carries a hefty price tag of $999. The Core 2 Duo chips will eat up 65 watts while the Core 2 Extreme will devour 80 watts.

News source: The Inquirer

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