iOS 11 lock screen bug features in latest Apple iPhone X TV commercial

Apple released iOS 11 just over six months ago and included several new features like Files app, ARKit, Do Not Disturb while driving, as well as a redesign of the App Store, new camera features and a refreshed iPad experience. Unfortunately what Apple calls "the world’s most advanced mobile operating system" came with more than its fair share of bugs.

Since the release of iOS 11 there have been 11 updates, averaging almost an update every two weeks. These have fixed issues like email not working with Exchange servers, calculator returning the wrong result if you used it too fast, autocorrect replacing i with A as well as crackling earpieces and frozen screens.

It would seem, however, some of the bugs just refuse to be caught, so much so that one has now even featured in Apple's latest TV commercial for the iPhone X. The commercial which runs for one minute promotes Face ID and shows a high school girl unlocking things just by looking at them, but if you watch closely at around the 50-second mark you can see a lock screen notification bug where the text is briefly outside of its box.

With so many bugs to squash, it has been reported that some of the planned features for iOS 12 have now been delayed so that Apple can focus on reliability and performance instead.

Source & gif image: The Verge

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