iOS 7 getting Beta 5? Looking likely

All good software houses do it; they release alpha, beta and release candidate versions of their software to allow private and/or public users to try it, gauge their reaction and from any feedback make changes where required. Apple is no different, with iOS 7 having released up to beta 4 to date.

With new hardware arriving sometime in the Fall, 20th September is being touted as the possible date for the next iPhone launch. iOS 7 beta 4 is due to expire on 12th September, so with a possible nine days between expiry of the OS and the release of the new hardware, the likelihood we will get a beta 5, before the Golden Master, is quite high.

iOS 7 Beta 1 – Release 10th June, Expiry 24th July
iOS 7 Beta 2 – Release 24th June, Expiry 8th August
iOS 7 Beta 3 – Release 8th July, Expiry 29th August
iOS 7 Beta 4 – Release 29th July, Expiry 12th September
iOS 7 Beta 5 – Release 12th August?

In the past, Apple has released a beta version of the next OS in the days preceding the next iPhone release in September. And the existing iOS7 beta releases show that Apple releases a new beta exactly one month before the expiry of the current beta. So are we looking at 12th August as the release of beta 5?

Source: International Business Times | Image courtesy of Boy Genius Report

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