Jack Thompson gets schooled by MSNBC

Jack Thompson, the over acting lawyer who likes to make gamers Hulk smash angry (but not violence angry) took to the air waves literally minutes after the horrendous Virginia Tech massacre and started his usual "blame video games" nonsense. If any of you have seen or listened to Mr. Thompson and his rants over the past few days, you would realize very quickly that the man is just out to make people scared, and of course to make gamers upset. He blames the Virginia Tech shootings on what else, Counter-Strike. Even though authorities (and indeed his own roommates) have said that no games were found and that he was never seen playing games, Mr. Thompson continues his push that games especially Counter-Strike are the cause for the terrible shootings.

Jack Thompson was not alone this time around however, as TV shrink Dr. Phil also blamed video games, though nothing specific. Howard Stern himself called out Dr. Phil on that one. And now MSNBC has come out swinging against Jack Thompson. Citing a few interesting factoids, MSNBC pretty much discounts everything Mr. Thompson has said over the past few days. Mr. Thompson for example, contends that these types of school shootings would never occur if it weren't for violent video games. Yet MSNBC reminds Mr. Thompson that the 2nd worst school shooting in US history occurred way back in 1966, long before Grand Theft Auto 3 turned our youth into walking Postal doods. Pong wasn't even created yet, and we all know how violent Pong was. Hardball with Chris Matthews also let Jack Thompson have it the other day, where Chris Matthews pretty much called him out on everything he said. Oh and let us not forget, that since video games have become more popular over the past few decades, violent crimes have actually decreased in this country, and youth violence rates have also decreased.

Over and over again Jack Thompson proves he is just a zealot out there to push his own values on everyone else, and video games are his favorite target. This time people are fighting back more than ever. The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) is out there talking to the media, and Empire Arcadia in association with the ECA are planning a gamers rally in NYC on May 5th to oppose Jack Thompson and Dr. Phil. The rally will allow gamers to mourn over the tragic events at Virginia Tech, and to protest the constant blame game Jack Thompson and others play. When will we as gamers stand up to Jack Thompson and all the others who are out there to blame video games on all the ills of society? Or will be just sit back on our behinds and play our games and let them continue to blame everything on games, and eventually have their way and ban/control them?

Oh and did I mention that Mr. Thompson actually sent a letter to Bill Gates, blaming him and Microsoft for this terrible tragedy? What?

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