Jackson baby-dangling spawns Web games

The controversy over Michael Jackson's decision to dangle his baby son out of a window has just started to subside in the media. But Web surfers are just starting to have fun with it, particularly with a handful of Flash-animation games.

One such game features Jackson dropping kids out of the window with players having to maneuver baskets below to catch the kids before they hit the pavement. At the end of the game, called "Michael Jackson Baby Drop," players receive a score and a supposed evaluation of their parenting skills.

Another has German dictator Adolf Hitler catching the babies as Michael, Janet and two other Jackson family members throw babies from a balcony.

Jackson startled German fans last month when he dangled his baby outside his fourth-floor hotel window in Berlin, a moment captured on film and widely broadcast. He held his baby, whose head was covered by a towel, over a balcony with one arm to horrified gasps from the crowd of fans on the street below.

The singer apologized, saying he had been caught up in the emotion of the moment.

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News source: CNN

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