LG will unveil its first QNED TVs at CES 2021, featuring mini LED

As we get ever closer to the next year, we're also quickly approaching the next edition of CES, which is going to be all-digital this time around. As such, companies are starting to make some pre-announcements for the event, and that includes LG. The South Korean company has revealed that it's going to be showing off its first quantum nano-emitting diode (QNED) mini LED TVs at the event.

As the company explains in a separate post, mini LEDs are an evolution of existing LCD technology, where the display requires a backlight rather than having self-lit pixels like OLED panels. Mini LEDs allow manufacturers to provide more fine-tuned backlight control with local dimming, bringing the experience closer to that of OLED. LG says its TVs will have up to nearly 30,000 LEDs that offer "incredible" peak brightness and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio with 2,500 dimming zones.

The new QNED TVs will sit at the top of LG's LCD TV range, and they'll come in either 4K or 8K resolutions, with sizes up to 86 inches. The TVs also support refresh rates up to 120Hz, meaning they might be a valid option if you're looking to make the most of the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Of course, we don't know how much these TVs will actually cost, but it's probably fair to expect they won't be very cheap. LG is positioning them below its OLED TVs, since that technology still can't be matched.

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