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LG reveals OLED TVs for CES 2024 with up to 97-inch screens, AI processing, and more


In an announcement today, LG has revealed its latest lineup of OLED TVs that will be displayed at the CES 2024.

The lineup talks about the company’s OLED evo TVs that consist of 4 times faster AI performance. Created by LG, the AI processoris only for its OLED TVs and is a part of the LG SIGNATURE OLED M4 and LG OLED G4 TVs.

According to the company's blog post, the new AI, the α (Alpha) 11 AI processor, will improve image and audio quality. This means that the latest models will have 30% faster processing and 70% enhancement in visual performance than their predecessors.

An additional functionality highlighted by LG is that the AI helps sharpen the image quality and enhances the color vibrancy. The AI can handle this due to its upgraded AI upscaling and pixel-level image analysis.

The company further explains:

“Moreover, the ingenious AI processor adeptly refines colors by analyzing frequently used shades that best convey the mood and emotional elements intended by filmmakers and content creators. Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro splits pictures into blocks and fine-tunes brightness and contrast by analyzing variations in brightness where light enters the scene, creating images that look more three-dimensional.”

The LG SIGNATURE OLED M4 is a wireless OLED TV and the screen sizes for the TV range from 65 to 97 inches.

Additionally, the OLED TVs use a Zero Connect Box which helps the OLED M4 TV series provide users video and audio transmission at up to 4K 144Hz wirelessly. LG adds thatthis is the only wireless TV model to deliver video and audio transmission up to this level.

The OLED TVs also feature the AI Sound Pro and come with built-in speakers’ with virtual 11.1.2 surround sound. The AI processor featured in the TVs can also separate vocals from a particular soundtrack.


LG also mentions that these latest TVs

  1. Have a Video Electronics Standards Association’s (VESA) ClearMR certification for image quality
  2. Have a 4K 144Hz refresh rate2 and comprehensive HDMI 2.1 features
  3. Have a Game Optimizer
  4. support NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible and AMD FreeSync
  5. support Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast
  6. pair with LG soundbars through WOWCAST Built-in
  7. offer accessibility features within Quick Card’s Accessibility section

With the Game Optimizer, individuals can change between different game presets for various gaming genres. The OLED TVs also provide customers with the newest webOS version that supports up to 10 user profiles that can be personalized according to their tastes.

The TVs can provide recommendations based on the user’s tastes and recognize their voices. A home screen feature called the Picture Wizard can also help set the preferred image quality.

Moreover, the home screen displays recently watched content and applications and lets users play other videos.

While the latest OLED TVs are already running the new webOS version, LG is offering customers an upgrade on their older TVs under the webOS Re:New program. The offer provides upgrades for the next five years but is only available if the customer agrees to get them.

Currently, the offer is available on 2022 OLED TVs and the 2022 QNED Mini LED 8K TVs but is likely to extend to more devices as LG mentions.

The 2024 TV models also offer connectivity with smart home devices running Matter and have Google Chromecast built-in allowing users to pair their mobiles with their TVs.

Furthermore, the LG OLED TVs and the QNED TVs can be paired with LG soundbars. However, only the QNED TVs running the 120Hz feature WOWCAST Built-in can enjoy this feature.

Lastly, with the Quick Card’s Accessibility feature, the OLED TV users can get chatbots and other services supporting disabilities, as well as remote control tutorials that can be activated through voice.

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