Light Phone 2 aims to add creature comforts to its latest dumb phone

In a world where being connected is now a given, there are some that are still trying to break free of the vicious cycle. Rather than gain some self-control, there are products out there that can force your hand at making a change. That's where the Light Phone 2 comes in, an elegant dumb phone that is meant to give you only the tools that are of the necessity.

What makes the Light Phone 2 different from other options - and its predecessor - is that it actually packs a radio that can handle 4G LTE. The phone has an e-ink display and also two physical buttons on the right-hand side that can be used to navigate the menu system. The phone will come with the ability to call, message, access contacts, auto-reply, and an alarm clock. The firm is also contemplating whether to include the option to be able to obtain directions, hail a car using a ride-sharing service, access weather information, a playlist of music, voice commands, and more.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Light Phone 2 has 25 days left and is around 30 percent funded at the time of writing. If this does get funded in full, the first handsets are slated to ship in April of 2019.

As with any crowd-funded campaign, contributing does not necessarily mean you will be rewarded with a product in the end. There could be complications and putting your own money up is done so at your own risk. If you are still interested, you can always head to the source link below to get the full details.

Source: Indiegogo via The Verge

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