Live tile + music + falling wall = Norway Windows 8 promo

Microsoft spent a ton of money (we assume) putting on the official Windows 8 launch event in Times Square a couple of weeks ago. However, the company had some other rather innovative ways to promote the launch of its latest OS in other parts of the world.

One of them took place in Oslo, Norway and it involved turning a street in the city into a real world version of the Windows 8 Xbox Music live tile. Microsoft captured the behind-the-scenes creation of this "Candid Camera" like setup on video and posted in on YouTube.

In summary, Microsoft's marketing team put in a representation of the Music live tile flat on the city street, and then let hidden cameras do the rest. People who saw the life tile on the street and then stepped on it heard music for a few seconds. If they stayed on the tile long enough, a fake wall came down on top of them to reveal a well known Norway rock band, Datarock, playing live and surrounded by what we assume are actors enjoying the music.

After a minute, the actors put the fake wall back up, hiding Datarock but still allowing for the music to be heard by the very shocked people who stepped on the Music live tile.

Does this make any sense at all? Nope. Is it a lot of fun to watch? You betcha. Our only complaint is that we wish Microsoft had come up with this kind of setup in the US. Well done, Microsoft Norway.

Source: Microsoft Norway on YouTube

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