Lords of EQ Preview

The boys at Action Trip kicked up a hands-on preview of Lords of EverQuest, Verant's real-time strategy game: (This game is fun! - sub)

Thanks to Warcraft III, all of the aforementioned features are considered defaults for any RTS today. Where LoE leaves the pack behind is in the way every unit, not just your Lord, has the ability to gain experience and raise levels, making troop management very important. While you do have the ability to mass produce a single troop type and follow the tank rush mentality, it is much better to send out forces that compliment each other so they can survive and grow in strength and power until they are Knighted, rather than to die in waves. Once a unit gains Knighthood, it gains another special combat ability that makes it a force to be reckoned with. In addition, units can do different types of damage (slash, crush etc.) and have different resistances to these damage types. Therefore, it is important to match the right kind of troop against the enemy that is attacking you in order to defend yourself in the shortest amount of time, and most cost effective manner. Another interesting twist is that if your Lord is struck down, not all is lost. Each faction has the ability to resurrect his or her fallen Lord so he/she can continue the fight. Resurrection is feature that carries over nicely from the MMORPG into the RTS world of EverQuest.

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