Lumia 635 4G Windows Phone priced at just $99 off-contract with AT&T

On Friday, Nokia announced that its new entry-level 4G Windows Phone, the Lumia 635, had gone on sale in various parts of the world, with more markets to follow. A launch in the US was also mentioned, although no timeframe was given - but that has all changed today. 

Richard Hay over at reported that the Microsoft Store had today sent a text message to some of its customers, letting them know that - as of this morning - the Lumia 635 is available to preorder in the United States. Even better news than this is that the price is a good deal lower than expected.

Nokia said previously that the device would go on sale for around $189 before taxes and subsidies. It appears that AT&T and T-Mobile are subsiding the new handset pretty generously, since the pre-order prices off-contract are just $99 and $129 respectively. 

The Lumia 635 is virtually identical to the 630; the only technical difference is that the 635 includes 4G LTE support, whereas the 630 is 3G-only. The 635 is also sold with glossy dual-layered polycarbonate shells, whereas the 630's shells have a matte finish. 

No details have been given regarding exactly when the 635 will be delivered to customers that pre-order in the US - for now, the only indication given is that the handset will "ship when available". 

Source: Microsoft Store via | upper image via Nokia

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