Lumia 900 gets priced at $19.99 or $49.99 on

While Nokia and AT&T made the rather odd decision to launch the Lumia 900 on Easter Sunday, when many of AT&T's stores were closed, the smartphone seems to be doing pretty well in terms of sales. The black version of the Windows Phone-powered device is still the number one best selling smartphone (with a service contract) on as of this writing.

The blue version of the smartphone is also at number three on the list, behind that of the Motorola Droid Razer MAXX. That's an impressive start and it shows that some people are willing to try out a Windows Phone device.

Even more impressive is the fact that at the moment, the Lumia 900 is on sale for a mere $49.99 for new AT&T customers with a two year contract at or if you are adding a new line to an existing contract; that's a 50 percent savings from its normal $99.99 price.

If you already own an AT&T smartphone and want to extend your two year contract on your existing line, the price for a new Lumia 900 goes down a whopping 80 percent to a mere $19.99.

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