Many Microsoft employees are unsatisfied with their pay according to internal survey

Employee income satisfaction at Microsoft has steadily decreased over the past three years according to annual company-wide surveys conducted internally by the firm, reports CNBC. The company says that 86% of its employees participated in this year's survey.

In the poll conducted this year, the question "my total compensation (base pay, bonus, equity) is competitive compared to similar jobs at other companies" received a positive response by only 61% of those involved, which is a 4% decrease from last year. Furthermore, a couple of other questions related to rewards based on employee contribution and performance also received favorable responses from less than 70% of the people involved. In general, it looks as though most questions regarding employee benefits have been awarded lower scores relative to last year's poll.

The results were shared with CNBC by Microsoft's Chief People Officer, Kathleen Hogan, back in April. In an email sent along with the survey results, Hogan mentioned that the company aimed to balance the pay structure, and that its overall deal remained "strong and differentiated".

It should be noted that aside from the aforementioned questions, quite positive answers were generally received for much of the survey. For example, 94% of the employees involved felt that they were treated with "respect and dignity", while 89% recommended Microsoft as a "great place to work". The most negative responses were received to the question "processes and procedures allow me to effectively meet my customers' needs", with only 57% agreeing with this statement. However, quite importantly, the aforementioned question has still garnered much more favorable responses in comparison to previous years.

The full survey results can be viewed below:

The Redmond-based giant has not yet disclosed its median employee salary for the fiscal year 2018. However, its median total compensation for last year - at a figure of $144,000 - ranks 19th among all companies in America and falls below the figures attained by tech giants Google and Facebook, which were ranked at 6th and 7th respectively.

Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion only a few days ago, and major acquisitions such as this, along with the hiring of additional workforce perhaps further signifies the necessity of ensuring income satisfaction within the company, and making certain that issues like this do not lead to potential fallout with its employees.

Source and Images: CNBC

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