Medal of Honor: European Assault goes gold

Console owners will soon get another World War II game to add to their arsenal. Electronic Arts announced late today that Medal of Honor: European Assault, the latest installment in its long-running shooter franchise, has gone gold. The game is set to ship out on D-Day, June 6, for the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2. It is rated T for Teen and will cost $39.99.

Not to be confused with Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead, Medal of Honor Frontline, Medal of Honor Underground, Medal of Honor Rising Sun, or Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, Medal of Honor: European Assault features an all-new story set in the 20th century's biggest conflict. It begins in 1942, when Lieutenant William Holt, the first field agent of the CIA's precursor, the OSS, joins the fight to liberate Europe. The game's script was penned by Apocalypse Now screenwriter John Milius, and its designers consulted with famed military technical adviser Captain Dale Dye.

European Assault will feature several new gameplay additions, including an open battlefield for more free-roaming action. Players who capture enemy officers or complete time-sensitive objectives will be rewarded with tactical intelligence that they can use in following levels. Another new addition is the "adrenaline bonus," which gives more-daring players an advantage in combat...provided they survive.

News source: Gamespot

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