Messenger:Mate for AIM v1.4

Messenger:Mate is feature enhancing software for AOL Instant Messenger which integrates seamlessly to add useful and highly requested features that enhance your daily experience. The addon contains features such as Buddy Screen Name Aliasing, countless new smileys enabled and the ever popular talking while away option.

Included in the newest release is Messenger:Mate Gestures, that allow you to send messages that not only contain a text message but also a visual and aural aspect by the use of an image and sound. These go beyond AIM's custom smileys and put some fun back in to using AIM with your buddies. The all new Gesture Compiler makes it easy to create your own gestures and is easy for you to share your gestures with your buddies for continued enjoyment.

Messenger:Mate has a complete feature set and comes with free updates for 1 year, and is available for the price of $4.99 USD.

New features in v1.4:

- Messenger:Mate Gestures

- Inline smileys

- Per Buddy settings

- Option to limit the Log Manager

- User definable Hot Keys

- Proper Buddy List sorting

- Ability to theme Group tabs

Download: Messenger:Mate for AIM v1.4 | ($4.99 USD)

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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