Microsoft: $100 million in day 1 Halo 2 sales

Microsoft exec Peter Moore boasts of estimated initial sales of the Xbox shooter, with backup from EB Games' CEO.

Reuters is reporting that at the Harris Nesbitt Playtime 2004 Investor Conference, held today in New York City, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing Peter Moore told attendees just how much cash he expects the Microsoft-published Halo 2 to generate on its first day at retail.

"I'm calling a $100 million day on Halo today" Moore reportedly said. Backing Moore up on the important day for Microsoft was none other than Microsoft chairman Bill Gates who, at a Microsoft shareholders meeting also held today, said, "In the first 24 hours we'll have an opening that's [more] popular than any motion picture has ever had in history."

News source: GameSpot

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