Microsoft Business Framework To Wait For Longhorn, Orcas

The evolving Microsoft Business Framework continues to evolve. The software framework is now due out in the Longhorn time frame, Darren Laybourn, general manager of MBF, told CRN Wednesday afternoon.

"We are aligning now around the Orcas/Longhorn time frame," he said. That's a shift from the game plan where the company planned to deliver a subset of MBF timed with Yukon/Whidbey and then more bits in the Longhorn era. Now Microsoft is consolidating that work into one release due with the rollout of Longhorn, the next-generation Windows client and server software and Orcas, its related Visual Studio toolset.

"We need to align now with Indigo, WinFS and WinOE," all components of Longhorn, Laybourn said. Indigo is a conglomeration of Web services subsystems. WinFS is the emerging Windows file system. WinOE is the scheduling engine that is now part of BizTalk Server but will be integrated into broader workflow technology.

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News source: CRN

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