Microsoft demos Skype for Windows 8, coming Friday

Two months ago, the Skype app for Windows 8 leaked on the Internet, showing a glimpse of what the Microsoft division had in store for Windows 8 users. Now Microsoft has made the design official in a new post on the Skype Blog showing off the video calling service's new Windows 8 app.

The blog post, written by Mark Gillett, chief development and operations officer at Skype, focuses on the Metro interface of the Windows 8 app and how the Skype team designed the application to focus on ease of use. The first screen users will see when the launch the Skype app, for instance, displays a list of all recent contacts as well as tiles for favorite contacts and all contacts.

Users will see a list of recent contacts when they launch the Skype app for Windows 8.

The Microsoft division has also made calling landlines and cellular devices easier by including Skype credits and recent calls listed alongside the dial pad in the application.

Perhaps most importantly, Skype for Windows 8 will run in the background, which will provide users with notifications when another Skype user contacts them by video, voice or text. Gillett states the app won't drain a user's battery if they're on a tablet, laptop or hybrid device.

As with other Windows 8 Metro-style apps, users will be able to snap the app to the side of the screen to operate another application when Skype is still in use. Skype will also be integrated into the People app in Windows 8, with buttons that will allow users to instantly contact their friends with Skype directly from the People app.

The Skype app for Windows 8 will be released on Friday, coinciding with the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft's Surface RT tablet.

Source: Skype Blog | Image via Skype Blog

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