Microsoft has more up its sleeve than the Surface mini

Microsoft will host a Surface press event later this month and we have already revealed quite a bit about what the Surface mini will include. For starters, we know it will be in the 8in class of tablets and that Qualcomm will be powering the device but to hold a press event for one device, seems a bit light on material.

Since our initial post, we have learned that Microsoft will be announcing more than just the Surface mini, in fact, Intel will also be playing a part of the conference as well. And this is where the details start to get a bit murky, but let’s dive in, shall we.

First, get into your time machine as we need to go back to the Surface 2 launch. At that time, when we started leaking the specs, we kept hearing about the ‘Surface Family’ and that Microsoft wanted to make Surface the name of a line of products that encompassed different sized screens and more importantly, form factors.

Jump forward to today, and we are once again hearing that Microsoft wants to expand the family of devices and that obviously aligns to the Surface mini but could relate to other products and or peripherals. We believe this is how Microsoft initially wanted to present the Surface 2 keynotes but had to hold back as the mini was not announced at that time. The question remains, we know they are willing to go smaller with their tablets, but will they go bigger too?

Through the grapevine we have heard i7 and i3 mentioned, not quite sure if this will be a refresh to the existing devices or if Microsoft has something else up their sleeve.

What is clear, is that Microsoft will be announcing more than the Surface mini - and it could be rather mundane - like a refresh to the existing Surface lineup (most plausible), or if they are going to come out of left field with something brand new that has managed to evade the rumor mill.

The Surface mini event kicks off in 13 days and we will be there to cover the new bits of info as they are announced.

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