Microsoft's Nokia unit teases ... something on Vine

Now that Nokia's smartphone unit is in the hands of Microsoft, the division is wasting no time in offering a teaser for ... something. Today, the Nokia Vine account, which is now in Microsoft's control, has posted up a new and quick video that is definitely a head scratcher.

The clip has a old, and blue, Nokia feature phone being moved and starting a sequence that involves many more classic Nokia blue phones falling down in a row like dominoes. At the end of the clip, we see the last phone fall and hit a switch that controls a container with a plastic water bottle. That container then moves and starts up something on a blue typewriter; all of this happens inside a yellow room with yellow ramps for the phones.

What does all this mean? Microsoft's Vine's message says that "something epic approaches .... More Soon". It also has the hashtag "#MoreColorful." But what could Microsoft have in mind? The Vine clip does say we will get more information "soon" so at the moment all we can do is sit and wait for the message that involves phones, water bottles, typewriters and the colors blue and yellow to become clear.

Source: Nokia on Vine via WPCentral

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