Microsoft launches new campaign, these are the first commercials

Along with taking out of the preview stage, Microsoft is also launching a multi-million dollar advertising campaign and we have posted the new videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first advertisement, called "Get Going," features an upbeat and catchy tune while showing off the features of While email could be considered a generally boring topic to discuss, Microsoft has done a great job with this advertisement to show that is more than just an email service. 

The second advertisement focuses on's Sweep feature and shows the feature in action and how it can save you time. The title of the clip is "Get Sweep: Automate your inbox".

These are the first two advertisements that Microsoft has put out but the campaign is only getting started. Microsoft will be using a variety of mediums to push its message, from web and TV advertisements to traditional billboard placements. If you see any around town, let us know!

Source: YouTube

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