Microsoft no longer involved in India censorship trial

In January, a court in India ruled that Microsoft, along with a number of Internet companies, would have to answer charges that it does not actively censor their content in that country. The charges stem from a complaint filed by journalist Vinay Rai in 2011 against 21 companies, including Microsoft, claiming that the companies offered objectionable content on some of their sites via webcasting.

Now reports that the country's Delhi High Court has removed Microsoft from the case. The court made the decision after Microsoft made their case that no formal allegations were brought against the company.

Another company originally named in the complaint, Yahoo, has also been removed from the case in India. However, other businesses, including Google and Facebook, are still involved. Lawyers for both companies have previously told the Delhi High Court that India's own laws protect them from being blamed with objectionable content that have been uploaded on their services by others.

If found guilty by the courts, Google and Facebook, along with the 12 or so companies that remain involved in the case, could have their sites blocked by India's government. The companies themselves could also be fined and its executives could even face jail time.

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