Microsoft on testing Windows 8 apps in Visual Studio 2012

When Microsoft launched the RTM build of Windows 8, it also opened up the Windows Store so app developers can start submitting paid Windows 8 apps for publication. Before they upload their apps for consideration, developer should try to test them out to see if they will work with the many different types of hardware that will be based on Microsoft's next OS.

In a new update on the official Windows 8 app developer blog, Microsoft goes over how app developers can test test their creations while using Visual Studios 2012. That includes making sure that the app will work on various different screen sizes and resolutions.

Microsoft states:

One of the first things to verify is that at all times the layout of your app is not clipped or misaligned vertically or horizontally at lower resolutions. On the other hand, you don’t want the app to leave a large amount of blank space at higher resolutions either. If your app’s layout extends beyond the screen, the scroll bar should show up appropriately if a user is interacting with the app using a mouse.

Visual Studio 2012 also makes sure Windows 8 apps respond well to touch-based actions, along with ways to unit test the app's code. Higher end SKUs of Visual Studio 2012 also contain a manual testing tool, called Microsoft Test Manager, that will allow for more direct testing of an app's features with a large number of Windows 8-based products.

Source: Windows 8 developer blog | Image via Microsoft

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