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Microsoft partners with iFixit to teach people to repair devices

Currently, there are many companies that offer services to repair or recycle their devices. Many of these services do nothing more than an average consumer (with a little know how) could. In an attempt to revive the PC repair business, Microsoft been working with iFixit over the past year to provide free training on how to repair cell phones, PCs, and tablets for people that are starting a repair business.

This new program was created to encourage the reuse and recycling of broken electronics, as well as decrease the need for "virgin" raw materials. The program is being led by Microsoft's own Registered Refurbisher Program that currently works with many refurbishing businesses to extend the longevity of Windows-based PCs. Josh Henretig, a writer from Microsoft's Green blog, states that their aim is to "[provide] free online training for people to setup a phone, tablet or PC repair business." He explains that, “if more local people offer repair, refurbishment and recycling services, more of these valuable resources can be driven back into the production cycle, supporting the idea of a circular economy."

While this is good for the economy due to the fact that it could revive the computer repair business, Henretig states that "there is a large environmental benefit from this work, especially when applied to mobile phones and tablets" which are often replaced because of broken components that could easily be repaired.

Source: Microsoft Green | Image via UniFil

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