Microsoft puts a video spotlight on several Windows 8 apps

It seems that after a rush of new Windows 8 apps became available in the Windows Store just after the OS launched, there has been a slow down of new apps posted on the electronic storfront. Today, Microsoft posted up five new videos on its Windows YouTube channel that put the spotlight on some major Windows 8 apps, perhaps as a way to encourage others to make their own apps.

The videos look at the Box, AccuWeather, USA Today, StumbleUpon and Allrecipes apps for Windows 8. Each video has interviews with the people behind each company and their corresponding apps as they talk about specific features that have developed.

For example, the AllRecipes video shows how the Windows 8 app uses a video feature to teach people how to create a meal, combined with written instructions that scroll on the side of the app.

The video for the Box cloud-based file sharing app showcased how users can go into the Windows 8 mail client and attach a file to an email message from their Box cloud account without having to go through too many hoops to do so.

The AccuWeather Windows 8 app shows users a graphical representation of the weather at their location at the moment when they view forecasts. For example, if it is snowing, the visuals will look like snow is falling on the screen.

You can also check out the StumbleUpon and USA Today videos below.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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