Microsoft rolls out Windows Live Profile updates

As we reported last week, Microsoft has just finished rolling out its April updates to your Windows Live Profile. An overview of what has rolled out world-wide today:

  • Tagged photos of you: You can now view all photos that your friends have tagged you in, all in one page. Simply navigate to your Windows Live Profile, and click "Photos of X". You can also view your friend's tagged photos as well by following the same method.

  • Contact search world-wheel: Now as you're reading your Windows Live Homepage or viewing profile pages there have been significant improvements in the contact search word-wheel.

  • Three new ways to add people to your Windows Live Network: Previously when you went to search for people to add to your Windows Live network, you only got to choose from your contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Now you can add contacts from MySpace, Tagged, and Hi5. Bebo is still on the list to be added and is still considered to be "coming soon".

  • And the crème of the crop, 20 new Web Activities: Now you can share your latest updates from Facebook, Digg,, SmugMug, and much more. The complete list of activities you can add to your Windows Live Feed can be found here.

  • Other minor updates: RSS feeds are now easier to find for blogs and list, you can now update your personal message without going to a separate page, and there is a new favicon for Windows Live People.

Overall this update is a great edition for the Windows Live Profile & Homepage. One of the things I love when I check my Windows Live Homepage is that I can get a detailed list of what my network has been doing while I was away. Whether it is a new picture on MySpace or Facebook, or a story they dug on Digg, I can stay up-to-date with what my network has been doing in one centralized feed.

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