Microsoft says WP7 will have 4G devices this fall

Microsoft has been on a roll with features that will be coming to the WP7 platform. Neowin covered today's 'Mango' preview in depth and are now learning that along with all the new features, the platform will also be supporting 4G devices.

Microsoft has stated, (via WMPoweruers) that the new devices coming this fall will support 4G along with Mango. While they did not say if all, or how many of the devices will support 4G, it is a reassuring sign that Microsoft is not being hesitant in adopting the new mobile data technology.

More so, if rumors hold true that the next generation of the iPhone will not be supporting 4G, it will give Microsoft one more advantage over iOS. While 4G does not currently blanket every city, it is quickly expanding and consumers able to use the technology is growing everyday.

Microsoft is in the process of making a big push with its 'Mango' update. The update will bring over 500 new features to the table and will help it to align to competition that is currently in the marketplace. On top of the update, Microsoft will also be deploying its platform on Nokia hardware, a combination that is sure to excite many.

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