Microsoft support staff admits NoDo was supposed to go live on March 7

There has been a lot of talk about NoDo the past few days as many wonder when it will actually ship out to end users.  Neowin originally locked down March 8 as the launch day, but it's worth noting that our source did say March 8 in "Australia/NZ" which would mean it would indeed launch on the 7th March in the rest of the world.

The information comes from the Microsoft Support Forums (via Wpcentral) where a forum moderator admitted that NoDo was scheduled for the 7th. The moderator states

You are right, the NoDo update was suppose to be released on March 7th, but it has been postponed. We don't know a date yet, but Microsoft will push the update soon.

It is widely believed, but not confirmed, that Microsoft held off on the update after the issues with its pre-NoDo update that resulted in 10% of its userbase devices failing to complete the update or becoming unusable. Because of this, they have held off on the launch of NoDo to ensure that it goes as smooth as possible. Microsoft does not want to be known for pushing faulty updates, it has a lot riding on the success of NoDo. 

Microsoft France posted up earlier today that NoDo will ship out later this month. While and exact date has not been pinned down, some suggest March 21st as the potential day, Neowin is not able to confirm this date at this time.  

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